"from Eton mess to dog's breakfast"

The show was last performed at the OSO Arts Centre, Barnes, London SW13 0LF, from October 2nd to 7th 2017. There are no immediate plans to do it again in its current form, but we're open to suggestions. In some ways, it seems, Brexit has progressed beyond satire. 

The latest, expanded and updated version of last year's sell-out BREXIT! THE MUSICAL romps through the fiasco and aftermath of the 2016 Referendum. Wicked words and great songs. Cameron, Boris, Gove, Farage, and Theresa May join others on a crowded stage. With guest appearances by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

       After sell-out runs at the Canal Café Theatre, Waterloo East Theatre and the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes earlier this year, the show has grown to take in the twists and turns as the Brexit drama unfolds. Whether you voted Leave or Remain this offering is designed to help you digest the momentous unreality of it all.

Pirate video taken at the Canal Cafe Theatre on June 28th. Theresa May's visit to the White House takes an unexpected turn. President Trump is on his best behaviour - sort of. 

The Law Lords reach their verdict on triggeriing Article 50, in the High Court:

"Now all the arguments are heard
We’ll reach our verdict undeterred.
You ask us if Theresa May,
Denying Parliament a say,
Can use the royal prerogative?
Our answer’s likely negative."

Peers of the realm risk abolition by defying Theresa May's Bill to trigger Article 50, at the Canal Cafe Theatre on June 29th.

"But we’ll never crumble
Though governments tumble
And lawmakers stumble
We’ll never, never, never, never be coyed."

Pirate video taken at the Canal Cafe Theatre on June 29th. Donald Trump gives Theresa May an unpleasant surprise: "Just my little joke, Maggie - to break the ice a little."

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Pirate video taken at the Canal Cafe Theatre on January 11th. 

The Three Brexit Ministers, David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox reassure the nation that they have all things under control: "Well, sort of - nearly - on the whole."

THE antics of our political leaders, following the shock result of the June 23rd Referendum last year, are no longer the stuff of farce. The stakes have risen too high for this fiasco to be seen as a pure romp. Brexodus! the Musical attempts to be stay neutral on the big questions but doesn't shrink from asking them.

Brexit! the Musical follows the misfortunes of Cameron, Boris, Farage, May and others as they flounder through the new world that they and their friends have created.

"Brexit means Brexit", but what the hell does that mean? Only this drama will get you near to an answer.

James Sanderson, Airlie Scott, Paul Croft, James Taylor Thomas playing multiple roles bring you this evolving musical. Directed by Lucy Appleby, with Frederick Appleby (no relation) at the piano. 

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